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Mastering Keywords

One of the hardest things that you will do when working online is mastering keywords.  When we search the Internet for anything, we use keywords.  These are the words that we type into sites like Google and Yahoo that will give us results.  For most people, they feel that they need to have every single keyword possible.  However, with professional seo services phoenix you learn that you don’t need millions of keywords, you need highly targeted keywords.

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Understanding the game

It all comes down to understanding the game.  Companies like Digital Current understand that you need to play the game of keywords in order to get results.  When looking at keywords you have two basic types, you have the seekers and the buyers.

Seeking Keywords

Seeking keywords are keywords that relate to learning or gathering information.  These keywords are great if you are going to promote a blog post or a free piece of content.  The people who use these keywords aren’t looking to purchase.  And if they are, it will be later.

Buyers keywords

Buyers keywords are keywords that are focused on the buyers or customers mindset.  If you want to sell a product or a service, then you want to use keywords that a buyer would use.  You want to avoid words such as FREE.  When it comes to buyer keywords these are keywords that speak directly to the product or service that you are looking for.  For example, ‘The Magic Saw 1253 model 43” would be considered a buyers keyword.  It is exact and specific.  People who are not interested in buying wouldn’t know the exact name or model of the product.  Consider using this as your framework when picking keywords.

To master keywords will take time.  You will need to learn about timing, intent and mindset.  There is so much that doing it alone can be time consuming.  Look for a company that will help you with your keyword research and implementation.

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