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Everything You Need To Know About Business Banners

What’s more evergreen than print itself? A printed banner, of course.

The world might run on Wi-Fi power, but that doesn’t mean everything should be hands-free and wireless.

A printed banner might be the difference between whether your small business succeeds or fails.

This is better known as ‘signage’ for your business and banner printing is an effective method of signage. Here’s why.

Constant exposure

Websites, blogs, and other content must always be renewed and updated in order to seem relevant. Plus in order for anyone to see those things they must actually open their phones and be connected. Banners however are displayed constantly. Whether or not anyone plans on seeing them, if they’re displayed, they’re seen.

Cost efficient

banner printing

Most marketing tools, apps, etc. require a monthly fee to continue to use their services. On the other hand, with banners and other signage, you pay once and they continuously market your business.


Banners are ideal for businesses that like to promote different things at different times. Use a banner to display your business year round, but when sales and promotions, and other big events take place, banners can call extra, new attention for customers.


Even with a phone in everyone’s hands 85% of people say they notice business banners and believe it displays the character well. Majority of people also claim that they notice banners first.


Banners make your business unique, as unique as it should be. Not every business uses banners (their loss), but if you want to stand out, yours should. Once again, your website and online presence can be as awesome as anything, but it isn’t being displayed 24/7. The only way to truly stand out is with a banner you can see at all times.

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