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Photography Now Much Better Up In The Air

aerial photography

Up in the air photography has always been that good. It all hinged on who’s hands were around the camera at the time. But what is making aerial photography so much better these days is that professional photographers are now taking full advantage of the new technologies now at their disposal. It was a lucrative business for them then. It still is today, but with the technologies now at their disposal there is every potential for them to go still further and, of course, higher.

Setting aside the digital technologies that specialist aerial photographers have at their disposal, consider this. Back in the day, the business of aerial photography will have been extremely expensive and dangerous. The running costs of an airplane is one thing. But the positioning of an aerial photographer halfway out of the plane is quite another. The irony of it. You would have thought that such maneuverings would require the expertise of a stuntman, always willing to risk his life.

But in the making of those epic do or die movies, while the stuntmen are doing their thing, who’s capturing them in the heat of the moment. And there you go, you see. Not just in the making of phenomenal movies and interesting doccies, but geological surveys, land-mapping, agricultural research, and so forth, a whole host of industries require the input of the aerial photographer. Only now he’s on the ground.

He’s now piloting matters from something as remote as a laptop computer. And apart from operating his camera equipment, he’s now piloting his drone. Like most businesses today, the specialist photographer has embraced artificial intelligence in a big way. This latest enterprise is not only safer for the photographer, it’s a lot more cost-effective for his clients too.

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